What We Do

Belt Leasing is a full service, independent company providing a diversified range of leasing programs to satisfy our client’s needs from personal computers for remote sales offices to multi-million dollar project transactions. Our primary objective is to provide quick response time while maintaining a high degree of flexibility. Our hands-on approach to credit approval, documentation and funding enable us to satisfy these objectives. Our team members have a passion for building and maintaining lasting relationships founded on listening and responding promptly to the needs of customers. We provide quick and easy solutions that meet and exceed customer expectations year after year.

Who We Are

General Manager, Richard Belt

Before launching Belt Leasing, Richard Belt managed leasing operations for national corporations and banks, he generated over $240 million in commercial equipment leases. In 1993 he started Belt Inc. to serve small and mid-sized companies throughout the Midwest. Richard’s “Can Do” leasing philosophy looks beyond the numbers to the more subtle strengths of the organization. No committees. No loan scoring. He relies on his teams experience to make decisions, this means quick approvals for his clients.
Agriculture Operations
Medical Offices
Construction Firms
Manufacturing Companies
Fabrication Facilities
Automotive Shops
Printing Companies
Businesses with Office/Equipment/Furniture Needs